John Coles, Author/Speaker

The Author/Seminar Leader

John M. Coles received his Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University and received his PhD in Counseling from Oregon State University.  He has received post-doctoral training in group processes, communication, self-esteem, anxiety management, trauma, phobias and positive psychology.

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The Book: Breathe Only Love

In this book, I give form to the stressful situations imposed upon us by modern society that get in the way of Christian living. As a Christian, I want Jesus in the front of my mind and heart for most, if not all, of my day. Daily living often interferes with our focus on God’s commandment to love Him and others constantly. This is quite a challenge if we don’t have the skills to arrest our stressors with God’s presence.

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The Seminar

John is available for speaking engagements, seminars and retreats. His topics include descriptions of the daily life stressors that rob us of the presence of Christ, the difficulties in choosing lives of Christian love and the simple neuropsychological techniques that enhance a walking spirituality. Participants report enhanced abilities to alleviate stress and to elevate prayer lives.

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