The Book: Breathe Only Love

In this book, I give form to the stressful situations imposed upon us by modern society that get in the way of Christian living. As a Christian, I want Jesus in the front of my mind and heart for most, if not all, of my day. Daily living often interferes with our focus on God’s commandment to love Him and others constantly. This is quite a challenge if we don’t have the skills to arrest our stressors with God’s presence.

As a college professor, I often hear students say that I should write a book; because they believe that others should hear my message. Working for a public institution, I haven’t been free to share with them the fact that it is the message that I receive in scriptures from Jesus Christ that fuels my orientation about theories of loving. I simply find the Psychology theories that give a loving, Christian message for helping peoples’ lives.

I’ll also show you the importance of choosing a life of loving. We’re not meant to fight for a living and then get Christian on the Sabbath. Finally, I’ll teach you a simple technique from neurological science to ask Christ for His presence. Please join me on this path to God’s everlasting presence.


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Easy-to-Learn Neuroscience Techniques

Based Upon Scripture.

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