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Catholic radio host, Phil Sandoval, has said that the science of psychology is now finding what religion has known all along, and I fully agree. I’d like to add that the science is also discovering an important experience that most Christians have not had for centuries. My purpose is to give rebirth to this Christian experience and to support these scientific findings with scripture.

The new discipline of Positive Psychology appears to be comfortable applying the new principles of resiliency to physical activity, to mental endeavors and to emotional regulation. The impact upon Christian religious life and spirituality, however, will also prove invaluable. In essence, the scientific findings have uncovered award-winning breakthroughs in managing stress.  Our Lord commands in Matthew 6: “25 ‘. . . I am telling you not to worry about your life and what you are to eat . . .26 Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.”

How close is life in our culture to this command? Do you have identifiable skills for not worrying, for not entering into frustration and for maintaining the peace of Christ throughout almost all of your day? My talks, my book and my retreats identify and train participants in acquiring these skills. Furthermore, you’ll be taught how this newfound depth of peace can substantially add to your prayer life! I know this from my own personal experience of lowering my blood pressure medications.  To learn more, start the video.

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